The vision

A Syrian society in which everyone enjoys freedom and justice

Our values :

Truth – justice – non-discrimination – awareness

Our message :To defend the victims of human rights violations

in Syria, especially when freedom and life rights are violated Standing

for forcibly disappeared persons or the threatened of death extra judicially, torture and arbitrary detention.

: The organization  targets

·Observing, monitoring and documenting human rights violations in Syria according to international standards.        · To spread the culture of human rights, transitional justice and the rule of law in defining them for the Syrian society.

        ·Participating to the transitional justice mechanisms in Syria.

Struggling impunity

by preparing accusing files against the human rights violations perpetrators

in Syria in initialization to present them in front of any courts that may hold trials in Syria in the upcoming time .         ·Establishing alliances with human rights organizations and activists to share experiences with greater effectiveness in advocacy campaigns for human rights issues.

        ·Sharing data and documentations with institutions dealing with justice and inquisition .

      ·To provide legal and moral support to victims of human rights violations.

    ·To deal with United Nations mechanisms.

   ·To provide a legal awareness of mines and war remains for  displaced and Syrian refugees in Syria and the refugee countries.

شاهد أيضاً

A Position of Syrian Civil Society Organisations on The Sanctions Imposed on Syria

رؤية منظمات من المجتمع المدني السوري حول العقوبات المفروضة على سوريا

اختفاء مدرس سوري عقب اعتقاله عند نقطة تفتيش اوائل 2017

أبلغت حماة حقوق الانسان الفريق العامل المعني بحالات الاختفاء القسري أو غير الطوعي في الأمم المتحدة  …

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